The Art of Writing

This is why we pay attention to grammar, punctuation, syntax, and usage.


Graphic - Grammar“If readers find that they must work too hard to understand you, if they are confused by what you write, they can and will stop reading. The art of writing is in large part the art of keeping your readers’ goodwill while you teach them what you want them to learn.”

—Sylvan Barnett, et al., A Short Guide to College Writing (New York: Penquin Academics, 2002), 45.








Author: Dean Christensen

Educator, copyeditor, writer, voiceover guy, baseball bug, word lover, book hound, classical music aficionado, appreciator of classic rock 'n' roll and classic movies, former this, used-to-be that, and future who-knows-what. Every day is an adventure in learning.

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